This is how I carry my camera

I was searching for a good solution to carry my camera’s with a strap. I don’t like to use the original strap because it is just not comfortable and is always hanging in the way. The problem is that i use a L-Plate on both my Nikon D4 & D800 camera’s. So the Rapid Strap system is not gonna cut it. Actually i don’t trust that system. The system i created, if you can call it a system or even for that matter a creation :-) It’s very simple and exists out of 3 parts, a strap, a climbing carabiner and a climbing prusik cord. The prusik cord is short, about 14cm tighten into a loop with a fisherman’s knot. The loop is put through and around the frame of the L-Plate and the knot is feeded through the loop. The carabiner through the loop of the strap and the loop of the prusik. There all done. 

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